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From Daniel Naro <>
Subject Is there support for "derived keys"?
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2017 08:40:56 GMT

First of all, please forgive any blunder in etiquette, but this is my 
first use of a technical mailing list: from what I have understood I can 
ask over here my technical doubts, if I am wrong please let me know 
where I should send this.

I wanted to do some tests on the “derived key” features of XML 
encryption 1.1. While doing some research (in the Java version), I found 
some references to this part of the standard in the documentation (e.g. 
DerivedKeyToken), or in the source code (DerivedKeyType). However, I do 
not find any call within the code to key derivation methods such as 
PBKDF2. Have I overlooked them? In case where the answer is no, does 
this mean that the feature is not implemented? Are there any mechanisms 
to implement a resolver for this very task?

Best regards,

Daniel Naro

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