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From "Athanasios Doukoudakis" <>
Subject xsec and openssl1.0.2h problem on Windows UWP ARM
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2016 09:20:43 GMT
Hi all,


I am trying to develop an application that uses xml-security c++ in the uwp
windows platform. The library is linked in a runtime component and from
there is being used to validate some xml responses that we retrieve using

I am experiencing some errors when compiling xsec with openssl support and
then try to re-use curl. The request fails due to the following error: 

Curl request fails upon curl_easy_perform() with the following error: SSL:
couldn't create a context: error:140A90F1:lib(20):func(169):reason(241)
which leads into curl failing with  CURLE_OUT_OF_MEMORY

When I compile xsec with the XSEC_HAVE_WINCAPI flag, the problem goes away.
This unfortunately is not an option for ARM architectures where the windows
cryptographic api is not available.

I have noticed this commit on the github repository:

I wanted to ask if this is a known issue, and therefore the disabling of
openssl support by default in windows is something to prevent these errors.

When we use xsec library on Android and iOS this problem is not present even
with using openssl.

Any help or feedback will be greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards,

Doukoudakis Athanasios



Athanasios Doukoudakis

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