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From "Pellerin, Clement" <>
Subject RE: XMLDSig 1.1
Date Thu, 10 Dec 2015 15:13:10 GMT
My project runs on Java 7.
Can it use all of XMLDSig 1.1 in Santuario, or parts of it require Java 8?

> On December 10, 2015 10:00 AM, Scott Cantor wrote:
> >I asked the same question about XMLDSig 2.0 years ago.
> >Santuario responded they will never implement XMLDSig 2.0 since the object model
is incompatible.
> 2.0 was just a proposal that was abandoned out of lack of interest from implementers.
Concretely it had some small wins but did nothing to address the primary issues that led people
to abandon XML so wouldn't have helped anything.
> >The Santuario 1.5.3 release notes mention:
> >>> This release features support for new XML Signature 1.1 KeyInfo extensions.
> Yes, some of that work was done by my project and donated.
> >Is the goal of Santuario to support all of XMLDSig 1.1 and XMLEnc 1.1?
> >How far are we in that project?
> I'm fairly certain most of XMLEnc 1.1 isn't, seeing as ECDH was the major change there
and it isn't supported AFAIK. > GCM is, but hasn't seen much testing since Java 8 is the
first version to include it.
> I doubt there's a lot of XMLSig 1.1 that isn't already done.

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