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From mujahedsyed <>
Subject Re: Performance Testing
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2014 09:56:19 GMT
Hi Marc,

Thank you very much for the reply, I am really surprised with the processing
speed you are able to achieve. I am preparing a small app and will post it
here soon. 

regarding your questions: "/Which JRE, App-Container and StAX parser are you
using? /"
1. I used both JDK 6, 7. 7 was slightly faster but still the minimum speed i
was able to achieve was around 60 secs.
2. App-Container: I ran the application in Mule ESB Container and as a
standalone application in spring. Running on spring was slightly faster.
3. StAX parser: I referred to the test case decryptUsingStAX
and tried to write something similar below is a detailed explanation, i
think the problem could be that I am creating a dom object in decrypton:

My encryption was able to return a bytearrayoutputstream (baos) because the
class OutboundXMLSec had a processOutMessage which takes baos parameter here
is the code for encrypt which works superbly fast:

Now, decrypting with stax wont be able to return baos and it is returning
Document object, it's not able to do that because the InboundXMLSec
classes's processInMessage is not taking baos or there is no such overloaded
method available as we have in OutboundXMLSec. the code for my decrypt looks
like this:

I may be wrong but I think because this document is getting created in
memory and we know that dom is usually memory intensive operation it might
have been cause of the issue. 

Can I ask:
1. in my decrypt method I tried to use OutboundXMLSec classes and passed the
encrypted stream to processInMessage but it didn't like it, I think the
purpose of OutboundXMLSec is to encrypt only. is this true?
2. Can I use OutboundXMLSec in decryption and return decrypted xml as baos?
3. If I have to use only InboundXMLSec for decryption than how can i achieve
4. does my explanation for decryptwithstax method regarding document object
creation and it's cause to impact performance make sense?

I am preparing sample app will post here, thanks very much for your help,
much appreciated.

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