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From Charles Brown <>
Subject Newbie question on java samples.
Date Sat, 24 Nov 2012 20:45:52 GMT

I am very new here and I started learning Apache Santuario. I went through java samples. The
first java sample I have chosen for learning is 
I could understand following code at line 142 to 151
{            //Add in 2 external URIs. This is a detached Reference.            //       
    // When sign() is called, two network connections are made. -- well,            // not
really, as we use the OfflineResolver which acts as a proxy for            // these two resouces
;-))            //            sig.addDocument("");    
       sig.addDocument("");        }

Why following is required? I went through one very old tutorial at JavaWorld, I did not find
this in that tutorial.  The link for this JavaWorld tutorial is
  sig.addDocument(""); sig.addDocument("");
Also, I will be happy if I get proper direction to learning Santuario. Which Samples should
I try to learn next.
Thank you. 		 	   		  
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