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From "Cantor, Scott" <>
Subject Re: [C++] Questions about error info, and more! Help! tks!
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2012 16:32:57 GMT
On 9/5/12 12:18 PM, "Renato Tegon Forti" <> wrote:

>I am using ³sig->getErrMsgs()² to get signature information erro, but it
>returns me a short description of error, like: ³Reference URI="#x1s"
>failed to verify Validation of <SignedInfo> failed²
>I want know if have some way to get more detailed description of error?
>That points me the real erro, like: certificated is expired etc..

I would guess there isn't one. That aspect of the code predates my
involvement, so I'm not familiar with it. And, in any case, it certainly
isn't looking at a certificate date, so that would never be the reason at
that layer. If it's telling you that the reference failed, that's all it
probably can say. That's all there is, the digest isn't correct for that

>Some of my files (xml to check) have certificated expired! How to
>instruct to santuario, to validate these files, in any way. (Treating the
>expired certificate, as if he had not expired.)

Santuario doesn't do anything with certificates. Trust is your
application's job, not the library's. I don't recall if there are even
APIs to actually provide a certificate to use for verification. I only
recall (and use) the ones that are based on a key alone, and you can pull
the key out of the certificate (there is an API for that).

-- Scott

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