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From Sean Mullan <>
Subject Re: Looking to contribute to Santuario Java
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2012 14:19:22 GMT
On 8/8/12 1:37 AM, Eric Johnson wrote:
> As I've mentioned before on this list, I've done a port of the Santuario 
> Java project to work with the GenXDM library.

> This seems to me like a pretty unequivocal improvement to the code. This 
> change better conveys the intent of the code, decouples the marshalling 
> logic from Santuario specific object and ties it instead to standard 
> javax.xml.crypto interfaces, and importantly for the port that I'm 
> maintaining, hides the "DOM" aspects found throughout the current 
> version of the method.

This sounds like a potentially useful contribution, so I would encourage you to
submit a patch according to Colm's suggestions. Any additional explanation of
the changes that you think would help us when reviewing them would also be helpful.


> The proposed changes avoid adding or removing any functionality, because 
> a goal of the GenXDM has been slavish compatibility to the existing code 
> base. For example, I've gone through some trouble even to match up and 
> eliminate changes in white space in my port. All my changes also 
> preserve API compatibility, as I've aimed to preserve the existing test 
> cases without modification. Thus these changes might be considered low 
> priority to the team. However, I wouldn't be proposing them unless I 
> thought them of real value for improving the existing code.
> As I said, I'm interested in making these contributions, but I'd like to 
> understand from the existing contributors the best way to go about 
> contributing my proposed changes.
> Should I open a bug report for each type of contribution, and attach my 
> patches to those bug reports? Or should I first submit patches to the 
> mailing list for discussion? What's your preferred way of working?
> Should I generate a patch relative to the current trunk code, or 
> relative to the tag of the latest release (1.5.2) in Subversion?
> Any advice and direction you can provide would help greatly.
> -Eric Johnson.

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