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From Ernad Besirevic <>
Subject Re: Problem with an XSLT transformation
Date Fri, 25 May 2012 20:38:35 GMT
Sean Mullan <sean.mullan <at>> writes:

> I don't have time to debug your code, but the exception indicates that the 
> Transform cannot find the stylesheet element.
> My guess is that the XSLT stylesheet is located in an external document than 
> document that will contain the XML Signature. This is a problem. You will need
> to import that element into the Document that will contain the signature so 
> Transform can find it - try the DOM Document.importNode method.
> --Sean

Hi Sean,

right - XSLT is on some web server available and I include it in my simple XSLT 
script with an <xslt:include .../>. I wrote a simple method
getStylesheetXmlStructure() which converts this simple XSLT which includes the 
real one (the external) and returns it as an XmlStructure object which is 
required by XSLTTransformParameterSpec. The problem is I cannot debug Sun's XML 
security library and I don't know how to add an XSLT transformation with 

Thanks for any help.


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