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From Ernad Besirevic <>
Subject Problem with an XSLT transformation
Date Thu, 24 May 2012 18:04:23 GMT
Hi guys,

hopefully someone can help me with my problem. I wrote simple signer and it 
works perfect. Verification works as well in my own java app I wrote. However, I 
tried to verify signature with a 3rd party tool and it fails. The problem is 
that I have a stylesheet directive in the XML document referencing to an 
external XSLT file. If I remove this directive the signature is verified 
successfuly with both tools. I suppose that the 3rd party tool transforms the 
document before the verification is performed. Now I want to try to transform 
the document before it is signed and then try to verify the signature. 
Unfortunately I didn't find any sample to do this. Firstly I tried to use Sun's 
XML Signature API and I used Transforms to add new Transform and 
XSLTTransformParameterSpec to attach my stylesheet but I get following 

Cannot find xslt:stylesheet in Transform
Original Exception was 
Cannot find xslt:stylesheet in Transform
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)

How can I do this with Santuario? 

I tried to debug Santuario code as well but I don't get it to work :-). Hope 
some one can help me with this. Thanks.


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