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From Dmitriev Vadim <>
Subject Extending XML signature algorithms list
Date Sun, 08 Apr 2012 20:31:18 GMT

I'm implementing web-service with non standard algorithm for message 
signature (GOST3410) [1]. My current problem is that DOMSignatureMethod 
contains hardcoded list of allowed algorithms and doesn't provide any 
way to externally extend it. Hardcoding is perfectly valid if algorithm 
has conventional URI, but in an ad-hoc case URIs even for the same algo 
can differ.
I was looking for a way to add extensibility to the DOMSignatureMethod 
so new algorithms can be registered at runtime, but most of it and it's 
hierarchy is package-private, so user implementations are hardly an 
option (not taking into account that this class resides in an "internal" 

Maybe custom algorithms support is already there, but I totally missed 
it? Or maybe there is already enhancement request for this feature?
If it is not likely that the team will tackle with this issue in the 
near future, maybe someone can give me insight on how to approach 
extensibility in this part of the code?


P.S. Colm O hEigeartaigh already provided invaluable help for me before, 
but it seems that WS-S technological stack just resists addition of new 
algorithms :)


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