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From "Hill, Shane" <>
Subject Compiling xml-security-c with MSYS MinGW gcc. [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2012 06:45:34 GMT

Hi All,

I use xerces-c to read/with XML DOM structures and compile it using
MinGW gcc without issue. I searched the web for any info on how to get
xml-security-c compiled under MinGW using gcc and could not find
anything useful. So I took a brute force approach and got it compiled
myself. The process for doing so is listed below. If anyone has some
comments on how to do this a better way, that would be good.

I'm happy to add this to the xml-security-c issues tracking, but I could
not see a way to log in to that. Any suggestions?


Shane Hill

Shane D. Hill (B.E. Aero. Hons.)
Science Team Leader: Aircraft Flight Dynamics, Modelling & Simulation
Aircraft Vehicles Division Defence Science & Technology Organisation

Build and install the following packages (I installed under
  * xerces-c (I used 3.1.1)
  * OpenSSL  (I used 1.0.0f)

In an MSYS bash shell type the following:

  $ export CPPFLAGS="-IC:/MinGW/local/include"
  $ export CXXFLAGS="-IC:/MinGW/local/include"
  $ export CPPFLAGS="-IC:/MinGW/local/include"
  $ export LDFLAGS="-LC:/MinGW/local/lib"

Edit the following files and remove and reference to "_DDLL_EXPORT" and
I replaced "-g -O2" with "-O3":

  * configure
  * libtool

Edit the following files and replace any instance of "Unix" with "Win32"
And any instance of "unix" with "win":

  * xsec/
  * xsec/

Edit xsec/utils/winutils/XSECBinHTTPURIInputStream.cpp and:

  a. Add "#include <limits.h>" at the top of the file.
  B. Modify compareAndSway() to use the following (make sure to remove
     the extra "::" on the function:

  return InterlockedCompareExchangePointer(toFill, (void*)newValue,

Edit xsec/framework/XSECW32Config.hpp and comment out "#define

Edit xsec/framework/XSECDefs.hpp and add the following after the


Run the following:

  $ ./configure --prefix=C:/MinGW/local --without-xalan
--disabled-shared --enable-static
  $ make

Now the make process may fail during link due to multiple references to
libstdc++ through the use of libtool. This is fixed by removing any
references to out of the following files:

  * xsec/
  * xsec/.libs/
  * xsec/.libs/libxml-security-c.lai

Run the following:

  $ make
  $ make install

For DLL libraries I cheat. I have my own script that will convert any
library.a into a library.dll.a. Some of you may be able to see issues
with doing this, but it all seems to work okay for me. The script is
below. I used the following command to do this:

  $ ./createdllc++ libxml-security-c.a -LC:/MinGW/local/lib -lxerces-c \
      -lssl -lcrypto -lz


if [ ${#*} -eq 0 ]; then
  echo "Usage: createdllc++ <lib????.a> [extra options]"
  exit 1

shift 1

echo "ar -x ${LIBNAME}.a"
ar -x ${LIBNAME}.a
echo "g++ -shared -o ${LIBNAME}.dll *.o
AME}.dll.a ${*}"
g++ -shared -o ${LIBNAME}.dll *.o
g++ -Wl,--enable-auto-import,--output-def,${LIBNAME}.def,--out-implib,${
g++ LIBNAME}.dll.a ${*}
echo "rm -f *.o"
rm -f *.o

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