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From Sean Mullan <>
Subject Re: Id Resolution Observations and Suggestions
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2011 19:47:29 GMT
Are you still thinking we should also scan the document for duplicate IDs?


On 12/21/11 7:14 AM, Chad La Joie wrote:
> So, last night I spent some time digging in to the new code and
> discussing with some things with Scott.  Here's where we ended up.
> The IdResolver is not designed in a manner that would allow alternative
> implementations to be used.  Though, given that it is only used by the
> ResourceResolver implementations, those could be replaced by the user of
> the library
> The new code does use the Document.getElementById method to look up IDs
> in the general case.  This may be overridden by explicitly placing
> ID-to-Element mappings into the IdResolver, but since doing this is
> neither documented nor shown in the examples it is fairly safe to assume
> this isn't happening out in the wild.
> Given the above, this code does not guard against any issues that may
> arise from duplicate IDs.
> In the case of signatures, there seems to be nothing that a library can
> do in order to ensure that the "right thing" is covered by the signature
> since the "right thing" is use-case specific.
> In the case of encryption, there is no way for the application to know
> whether the dereferenced encrypted encryption key is what the document
> author actually intended.  If it's not, however, the worst that would
> happen is that encrypted data would not decrypt.
> Given this, I believe the following things should be done:
> - The use of Document.getElementById and the potential issue caused by
> the lack of a strong guarantee on ID uniqueness should be documented.
> - The documentation for XMLSignature and all the examples should be
> updated to make it clear that the user of the library needs to check
> that what they thought was covered by the signature actually was.
> - Attempting to update the examples in this way will make it clear that
> better APIs need to be provided to expose the content indicated by
> <Reference>s.
> In addition, given the manner in which the IdResolver currently works, I
> believe it could be done away with entirely. The
> IdResolver.registerElementById method could simply be replaced by the
> appropriate Element.setIdAttribute* method.  Doing so would remove a
> potentially large in-memory data structure as well as various
> synchronization points that currently prevent concurrent ID resolutions.

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