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From Eric Johnson <>
Subject Updated port of Santuario Java 1.4.5 to run with GenXDM
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2011 19:18:25 GMT
Specifically, this is in reference to the santuario-genxdm[1] project on 
Apache Extras[2]

When I last posted to this mailing list back in April[3], I announced 
the port of the Santuario 1.4.4 release - but given how the timing 
worked out, I did so only a few weeks before the release of 1.4.5 [5]. 
That meant, of course, that the release we did was quickly stale.

Obviously, that was an important limitation of that previous release.

As was also pointed out at the time, we hadn't completed the port of the 
javax.xml.crypto implementation [4]. Now we have.

This means that we've ported the entire library, and added GenXDM API 
extensions everywhere, which means that you can use, start to finish, a 
non DOM tree with our port of the Santuario project.

As I mentioned before, as much as possible, all existing test code has 
been left unmodified (some of the test "suite" code has been modified to 
accommodate new tests!), and we've added new tests that port the 
existing tests, but use the new GenXDM-based variations on the API.

Any feedback is welcome!



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