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From Michael Bishop <>
Subject Resolver Issues with Enveloped Signature?
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2011 20:57:33 GMT

I'm having a problem with created an enveloped signature.  I was able to
create an enveloping signature just fine, but the enveloped signature hangs
on the XMLSignature.sign(privateKey) method for a long time, before throwing
an error.

I was able to figure out what the error was; by default, the
XMLSignature.sign(privateKey) method was trying to access and failing.  I can pull that up
in my browser, so I don't know why it's hanging there.  I didn't have this
issue with an enveloping signature.

I wrote an extension of ResourceResolverSpi and mapped to point to the schema included
in the XML Security JAR file.  That works fine, but I'm wondering what the
best solution is, and why enveloped signatures need to access this URL at

I can provide code as needed if it's necessary.


Michael Bishop

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