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From "Philip Black-Knight" <>
Subject questions on xml-security-c and xalan-c
Date Wed, 30 Mar 2011 17:39:11 GMT
I'm looking into using santaurio in a application, but the disclaimers regarding xalan make
me a little nervous.

We'd like to be able to add signatures to a document and allow the document to get added to
some other DOM tree and keep the signature valid.  I've been able to do this using an xmldsig-filter2
intersect filter and the xpath expression "here():/ancestor::RootNode". A sample document
seems to work with the txfmout test program.

My understanding is that santaurio uses xalan-c to perform the xmldsig-filter2 filtering and
I was wondering if anyone knows of problems with this. Is there an alternative? The xalan
project appears dead, is there a plan to move to an active project?


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