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From Eric Johnson <>
Subject Port of XML Security 1.4.4 to GenXDM API
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2011 23:34:24 GMT
You might have noticed the addition of:

to the "Apache Extras" hosted site.

This project aims to be a fully compatible port of the existing XML 
Security APIs that works using the GenXDM APIs that we've been 
developing, instead of DOM.  We brought the GenXDM project 
<> to the attention of the Apache 
Incubator some time back (we called in gXML at the time 

Our overall aim is to bring GenXDM back to Apache for incubation, so 
that ports of libraries like XML Security can then build on top of the 
capabilities of GenXDM.  To that end, we've done this particular port to 
attract interest, and to prove out the potential, and the capabilities.

We have, with this port, demonstrated the ability to use the full 
functionality of the XML Security library over non-DOM XML trees, 
including a new set of tests that verify using non-DOM trees with the 
updated XML Security APIs.

Please come look at what we've got!  Let us know what you think.  Better 
yet, join the GenXDM project, and help us make it a success!


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