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From Colm O hEigeartaigh <>
Subject More Santuario infrastructure changes
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2010 16:50:03 GMT
Now that the Java 1.4.4 release is out the door, I want to revisit the
remaining infrastructure issues before work gets under way on a 1.5
release. Please let me know your opinion on the following tasks.

1) SVN tags

We have a large number of RC and beta tags in SVN:

I suggest that we remove all *RC* and *beta* svn tags - apart from
Scott's recent RC for 1.6.0 :-)
This isn't a big deal if people object. It just cleans things up, and
makes the next point easier.

2) SVN reshuffle

We previously discussed this on private@. The consensus was to
separate out the Java and C projects.

 - trunk/c would move to xml-security-cpp/trunk. All c tags and
branches would move to xml-security-cpp/branches and
 - Everything else under trunk would move to xml-security-java/trunk.
All Java tags and branches would move to xml-security-java/branches
and xml-security-java/tags.

3) Migrate from bugzilla to Jira

Jira is far easier to navigate and administer than bugzilla. Infra
told me they have tools to automate this process.

4) Move from gump to hudson for continuous integration

We currently use gump (at least in theory) to manage the Java build
and tests for continuous integration. Hudson
( is far superior and easier to use.

5) Move the website from forrest to a cwiki

We have an empty cwiki set up here -
Forrest is cumbersome and annoying. There will be an initial amount of
effort involved in the transition, but the website probably won't
change a huge amount after that.

Thoughts/opinions? Scott, do you want me to hold off on any of these
things until after a C 1.6.0 release? The first task is probably to do
the bugzilla -> JIRA migration.


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