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From "Scott Cantor" <>
Subject Changes to C++ package approaching next release
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2010 21:22:51 GMT
In preparation for getting 1.6.0 released soon, I've started work on
modernizing the autotools conventions, getting rid of a lot of pre-automake
leftovers in the script, and adding the configure-time support for the NSS

I have something resembling a working checked in, and will need
some testers very soon to address combinations of options I might not hit
well. I will be doing my own testing shortly so if you have a weak stomach,
some testing after this week would be very helpful, or more immediately if
you're willing to help find errors.

Before the release, I plan to make an additional Makefile and source tree
change so that the build stops copying the headers out of the source tree
into an include directory, as that's the job of make install, and is (I
think) the last gmake-specific rule in the build. It's rather horrid on
Windows as well.

Anyway, I recall there were some people with NSS requirements, maybe some
Xalan issues, some requests for cygwin support. Now's the time to step up
and help, or hold your peace.

-- Scott

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