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From "Scott Cantor" <>
Subject Santuario infra changes
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2010 14:13:52 GMT
As a starting point for discussion, I would like to propose that we request
the following changes from the infrastructure team to complete the migration
of Santuario to a TLP.

I'm looking at the example of Axis here:

[0] Root Tasks

I believe the santuario Unix group and DNS alias are already created, so
this is done.

[1] Mailing Lists

This change was never made.

We should migrate to a new, and we *could* create a
list if we want that separated. Personally, I don't think the traffic is
enough to bother.

[2] Source Code

I would suggest we reorganize svn like so:

/xml/security/trunk/c => /santuario/xml-security/cpp/trunk (plus
/xml/security/trunk (minus the c/) => /santuario/xml-security/java/trunk
(plus branches and tags)

For now we can leave the web site generation stuff in the Java area until we
can dump the site altogether and use the wiki.

We probably need to find out from them what we can do with the tags and
branches. If need be we could just copy those to a special historical
location under /santuario/xml-security since they include the C++ and Java

Initial access should be the same committer set we have now, plus Chad who I
think still doesn't have an account.

[3] Distributions

I believe we need to have a santuario directory added to

[4] Bugs

I would also request Jira projects be added for XMLSecurity-C++ and
XMLSecurity-Java, but only if they do bug imports. If not, I'd suggest we
wait until the next set of releases and then do the move.

[5] Wiki

I would like to have a wiki space created at I
think that's actually a separate Jira request to the wiki category, so we
can probably do that any time.

Once we have things moved and finished, we can talk about the web site


-- Scott

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