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From Mike Klein <>
Subject Basic questions re: jsr 105/106 &w3c stds and xmlsec
Date Sat, 10 Apr 2010 16:37:08 GMT
Jsr 105 (signing) is 'finalized' and jsr 106 (enc) seems 'dead'.

I have a need to provide xml signing and enc across IBM and Sun JREs.

I see xmlsec only mentions 105 compliance (perhaps because spec is final
after all) and no real mention of 106 compliance (which makes sense as
spec is 'dead').

I am able to do certain kinds of xmlenc with xmlsec just fine, but is it
based on any accepted standard at this point? Can xmlenc output from
xmlsec be sent to 3rd parties w/o any issues?

IBM jre seems to provide both kinds of functionality yet I don't believe
this helps me on sun jre...seems bundled with jre.

Is there even a need for xml enc on java or only sig?

thanks in advance...


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