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From Philip Brown <>
Subject Re: problems with final link for xml-security-c and solaris
Date Fri, 16 Oct 2009 19:07:59 GMT
A bit more on the solaris, sun CC, 64bit oddessy ;

Rebuilding base stuff and trying again with sun cc, even though I know gcc 

Once again, I'm trying to compile xml-security-c with sun (v12) compiler, in 
64bit mode.

I was previously building things with

CXX="CC -m64".

Now I'm trying with

CXXFLAGS=-xO2  -m64 -mt -norunpath
LDFLAGS="-R/var/local/64/lib -L/var/local/64/lib -m64"

it actually builds pretty well, until the last final link. The complains 
about 32bit vs 64bit object mismatch.
Turns out that when libtool is called with

bash ../libtool --mode=link CC  -xO2  -m64 -mt -norunpath -mt -D_REENTRANT
  -DXSEC_LIBRARY_BUILD blah blah...

for some odd reason, it decides to throw away a bunch of its arguments and 
instead uses:

CC -G -nolib -o .libs/ 
   .libs/XSECC14n20010315.o  blah blah...

No more "-m64". So it tries to generate a 32bit final library, and bombs.

This may be a key to the mystery, even though a clean way of how to SOLVE 
it, is unclear.

Mandatory statement: Libtool is Eeeevil. (and broken)

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