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From Philip Brown <>
Subject Re: problems with final link for xml-security-c and solaris
Date Fri, 09 Oct 2009 23:16:33 GMT
Scott Cantor wrote:
> Philip Brown wrote on 2009-10-09:
>> I'm trying to compile xml-security-c, in 64bits, in solaris.
> I've never done it (the 64-bit case), and since nothing but a Shibboleth
> build would be likely to try this, I doubt that it works.
> These particular makefiles have a long history of screwing up on every
> dynamic linking variant that gets introduced, and I imagine this is just
> another case of that. This isn't likely to be a libtool problem, it's
> probably an autotools issue related to the non-automake history of this
> project.


well, previously, I was using sun cc with stuff like,

CFLAGS="-xO2  -m64 -mt -xnorunpath"
CXXFLAGS="-xO2  -m64 -mt -norunpath"

I just went back and rebuilt xerces2 with   plain gcc/g++ -m64

then rebuilt xml-security-c with same.

it appears to be happier this way.

progress i suppose... but i'd much rather have it work with sun CC !

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