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From "Eric Tournier" <>
Subject Error when launching ResourceResolverTest.testLocalFileWithEmptyBaseURI under Windows
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2009 13:18:56 GMT
Hi :)
  I am facing an AssertionFailedError during the execution of
testLocalFileWithEmptyBaseURI() from class. All
the source files have been downloaded from SVN trunk
  I'm using Windows XP, Eclipse 3.4, Maven 2.0.9 and the file build.xml used
in the test is located in the "C:\Eclipse-Ganymede\Workspaces-JIRA\XML
Security\xmlsec" directory.
  During the execution of testLocalFileWithEmptyBaseURI method(), the call
to resolve(Attr uri, String BaseURI) from ResourceResolver class leads to
engineResolve(Attr uri, String BaseURI) method of the
ResolverLocalFilesystem class. Inside this method, the translation of the
uri fragment ("file:C:\Eclipse-Ganymede\Workspaces-JIRA\XML
Security\xmlsec/build.xml") to a filename through static
translateUriToFilename(String uri) does not work :
   private static String translateUriToFilename(String uri) {
      String subStr = uri.substring(FILE_URI_LENGTH);
      if (subStr.charAt(1) == ':') {
        // we're running M$ Windows, so this works fine
         return subStr;
      // we're running some UNIX, so we have to prepend a slash
      return "/" + subStr;
  In the code above, subStr = :\Eclipse-Ganymede\Workspaces-JIRA\XML
Security\xmlsec/build.xml and the result of (subStr.charAt(1) == ':') is
false. Then we assume we are using UNIX OS and prepend a slash. The returned
filename is /:\Eclipse-Ganymede\Workspaces-JIRA\XML
Security\xmlsec/build.xml which is not understood by Windows :| And the test
  This piece of code works perfectly when called during In fact, the
reason is that there is a mistake in the construction of the uri parameter
in testLocalFileWithEmptyBaseURI() :
 String file = "file:" + basedir + "/build.xml";  <===================
Should be "file:/"
 ResourceResolver res = ResourceResolver.getInstance(uriAttr, file);
 try {
     res.resolve(uriAttr, "");
 } catch (Exception e) {
"file:" should be replaced by "file:/".
  I guess, it would be safer to use the following :
File myFile = new + "/build.xml");
String file = myFile.toURI().toString();
  Hope this could help.

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