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From Harakiri <>
Subject Re: Invalid Signature problem through Empty elements are converted to start-end tag pairs
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2009 17:08:49 GMT
> From what I can tell, I think you are trying to generate an
> enveloped signature that signs the entire contents of the
> document (excluding the signature). In that case, you should
> replace your code and use the example above as a guideline.

This is what i want to do, but i need to find a way to verify the signatures correctly of
the xml sigs that were created with the legacy system. Currently i can only verify that the
signature itself is valid, not the refs - maybe there is something to make the ref validiation
also valid?

> These appear to be really old from a Sun product (JWSDP)
> that is no longer supported. If possible, I would encourage
> you to move to something more recent, either use the
> xmlsec.jar from a recent Apache XML Security release (which
> will work on JDK 1.4.2 and up) or the XML Security/JSR 105
> implementation built into JDK 6.

Yes i want to move to the xml security of apache, hence why i am having trouble verifiying
my old signatures. I cant move to the new one, if my old signatures are shown as invalid (only
the reference validiation tho)


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