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From Werner Dittmann <>
Subject Re: Undeclared namespace prefix
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2008 16:15:00 GMT
Raul Benito schrieb:
> Hello,
> I think I made the change so I will try to defend it, first of all the use
> of KeyInfo out of a Signature it is not a use case I was looking to. 


KeyInfo as such (as an XML element) is not used inside Signature only. If you
have a look into the OASIS WSS specification you will see that KeyInfo is
used everywhere (nearly everywhere) a key is used, thus also to store information
and references to encryption keys and so on. And these are exactly the test cases
that break when we use KeyInfo to implement OASIS WSS.


> perhaps we break it as we don't look at it. And sadly the old api is full of
> internal objects that can be use external. And I see KeyInfo like that.
> So in order to fix, can you write a test case that fails and submit a bug, I
> will update the code in SVN head.
> Thanks,
> Raul

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