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From Brian S <>
Subject issue validating soap message
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2008 18:49:39 GMT

I'm trying to validate a soap message using the Apache XML security library. Thus far, I have
based my solution similar to the SimpleValidate.cpp provided. However, it seems that I get
the messge "Unknown KeyInfo element found". I believe I have tracked the issue back to DSIGKeyInfoList::addXMLKeyInfo
where the function searches for specific values within the keyinfo structure. My xml file
does not have one of these specific values, and hence it fails. According to my interpretation
of the xml-dsig-core spec, there's a common set, although not a mandated set of values that
these can (not must) be used within the keyinfo element. Could you tell me if there is some
flag or some method that I can use to bypass the error/function call for keyinfo when using
the load function (which eventually calls this function).  My keyinfo structure for my example
is listed below:
<ds:KeyInfo Id="KeyId-20335771"><wsse:SecurityTokenReference wsu:Id="STRId-21448734"><wsse:Reference
The CertID is referenced earlier in the document by my BinarySecurityToken (My X.509 Cert
in BASE64)
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