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Subject JCEID to Service mapping
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2008 19:28:52 GMT
This isn't technically an XML Security issue, I know, but any help 

Under Java 1.5 when I try to create a, XMLCipher, XMLCipher.AES_128 is 
mapped to a JCEID of AES/CBC/ISO10126Padding , whihc is then mapped to a 
bouncycastle service of AES.  All is well.

Under Java 1.4, XMLCipher.AES_128 is mapped to a JCEID of 
AES/CBC/ISO10126Padding, but  no service provider can be found with trhat 
JCEID, even though I can dump the service providers and see 3 AES 

When I say under 1.5/1.4, its actually Websphere 6.0 (which uses 1.4) and 
6.1 (whihc uses 1.5).   I am going to try to isolate the code outside of 
websphere to see if the behavior chnages, but trying to understand what 
maps  AES/CBC/ISO10126Padding to a service...

Ed Thompson

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