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From Francisco Sepulveda <>
Subject RE: doubt with enveloped signature concept
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2008 01:26:10 GMT

Hi Sean
Yes, i have seen the code. In the example you showed the signature was enveloped with respect
to the document element right?? (because og the Reference URI=""). the <Envelope> tis
the document element right ?? <pre><code> are not xml element i think... or if
their are element the signature will not be enveloped...
Sorry my basics questions ... but when you said "You do have to specify where you want the
Signature element to be located" how do you do that in the code that you point me??? how do
you say i want the sinature inside "that" element .... i have been looking the API and i have
not found that option so far =(

 > Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 17:58:55 -0500> From: Sean.Mullan@Sun.COM> Subject: Re:
doubt with enveloped signature concept> To:> > Francisco
Sepulveda wrote:> > my point is ... let's suppose that i get the following XML document
as input> > > > <doc> > > <element id="123">> > </signature>>
> </element>> > </doc> > > > > so if i have to create an
enveloped signature for the element "element"> > > > the result should be the
following rigth?> > > > <doc> > > <element id="123">> >
<signature>> > .....> > <reference URI="#123">> > </signature>>
> </element>> > </doc> > > Yes.> > > Using the java API
(javax.xml.crypto.dsig) i will have to construct the > > output xml document showed
above with the signature ??? let say using a > > DocumentBuilderFactory instance and
the createElement method or there > > is a transparent way for the programmer to put
the signature element > > inside the element "element"?? just using the Reference, SignedInfo
and > > the rest of the traditional classes...?> > You do have to specify where
you want the Signature element to be > located. The implementation will do the rest of
the work of creating the > Signature element and inserting it in the document. Have you
looked at > the example (also in the XMLSec download) of creating an enveloped > signature?>
> --Sean
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