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From Francisco Sepulveda <>
Subject RE: problem DOMSignContext getElementByID org.w3c.dom.Document
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2008 21:59:20 GMT

Hello, I resolved my problem!! =)
I used the static method getElementById of the IdResolver class 
i had to do the following import
So now i can get and Element using the id as input, given the fact that the xml has no schema
associated.... =)
hope that the getElementById method  is efficient ahah 
Thanks again 

From: shepu_2002@hotmail.comTo: security-dev@xml.apache.orgSubject: problem DOMSignContext
getElementByID org.w3c.dom.DocumentDate: Thu, 17 Jan 2008 21:03:56 +0000

Hello everyone ...  I want to sign the following xml file ENVELOPED with respect to the element
with id "a2"          <?xml version="1.0"?>         <getToken>              <contexto
id="trx">                   <monto>100</monto>              </contexto>
              <item id="a2">                   <semilla>10</semilla>   
          </item>               <item id="a3">                   <semilla>11</semilla>
             </item>          </getToken>As you can see there is no namespace
declaration for the XML file... The output should be: 
         <?xml version="1.0"?>         <getToken>              <contexto id="trx">
                  <monto>100</monto>              </contexto>          
    <item id="a2">                   <semilla>10</semilla>             
     <Signature>... </Signature>              </item>               <item
id="a3">                   <semilla>11</semilla>              </item>
         </getToken>I know that i have to specify the place of the signature were you
create an instance of the DOMSignContext class... I GET WHAT I WANT IF I DO ...
DocumentBuilderFactory dbf = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();dbf.setNamespaceAware(true);
doc = dbf.newDocumentBuilder().parse(new FileInputStream("file.xml")); Element e=(Element)doc.getElementsByTagNameNS(null,
"item").item(0);dsc = new DOMSignContext(pk,e ); BUT the problem is that for that i will have
to know the "NAME" of the element and its "POSITION" in the document for the case when the
tag appers more than once...  So, it would be better to be able to do this....   Element e=(Element)doc.getElementsByID("a2");dsc
= new DOMSignContext(pk,e ); But when i do that i get  Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException:
parent cannot be null  I know that you can register the ID attribute as a valid ID type using
the setIdAttributeNS method of the DomSignContext class, but my problem is that given the
structure of the Document class and its public methods i have to create an instance of the
class first, when i create the instance i have to do dsc = new DOMSignContext(pk,e ); And
after that i could do  dsc.setIdAttributeNS(e, null, "id"); and it suppose that after that
the id attribute of the e element is registered??? but at that time i already have the element
that i was looking for =( Hope you get it, but i want to obtain the element given its ID,
and the source xml doen't have an schema associated to it... is the ONLY WAY to obtain the
element given the id is to use the getElementsByTagNameNS method or i can use directly the
getElementsByID method directly?? in that case HOw do you do that without obtaining the "parent
can not be null exception" ?? Thanks you very much for reading the email Francisco

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