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From André <>
Subject Is there a difference in memory usage between Apache-Java-XmlSecurity and Apache-C++-XmlSecurity?
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2007 14:07:55 GMT

We use apache-xml-security java-implementation for signature and encryption on 
the client and validation and decryption on the server.

On both sides we have "problems" with the hunger for memory of the java-
implementation. We use version 1.3, but I already tried version 1.4 and have 
found no difference!

But this time I'm interrested in the server-side:
For example an signed and encrypted xml-doc of 50MB will need MORE than 600MB 
to decrypt. With about 1000MB memory it works fine (factor: 20!).
In our scenario there can be many parallel requests for decryption.
Less memory needed would be fine!

Is the C++-implementation less memory-hungry?

Has anybody tried it out and can give me a kind of comparison result?

Bye, André

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