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Subject Re: How to sign a sub-tree
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2007 14:00:30 GMT

thanks, that was exactly the pointer I needed! If you have a minute to have a 
look at this. My doc looks like this


I would like to sign the "message" payload in the Body. So I did

			String filter [][] = {{XPath2FilterContainer.INTERSECT, "//Body/message"}};
					XPath2FilterContainer.newInstances(document, filter));

and the usual Signature transforms (canonise it, sign it) and got:

<ds:SignedInfo xmlns:ds="">
<ds:Reference URI="" xmlns:ds="">
<ds:Transforms xmlns:ds="">
<ds:Transform Algorithm="" 
<dsig-xpath:XPath xmlns:dsig-xpath="" 

where I *hope* the XPath expression returns exactly the element I wanted, i.e. 
the intersection of the whole document (BaseURI, nothing else specified) with 
the Body/message portion.

I think I could also have an identifying attribute in the <pdpa:message>, and 
replace the expression with id("nameOfIDAttr"). Which is, I think, the 
recommended way as it is faster and less error-prone (I can assume 
Schema-aware entities).

Would this be the correct way? I am asking because it is kind of difficult to 
find out what's happening inside the black box, i.e. there is no output as to 
which elements are actually being signed.


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