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From "André Luiz Cardoso" <>
Subject Detached with peculiar URIs
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2007 02:14:02 GMT

I'm having trouble on creating a Detached signature of resources referenced
by files URI's and FTP URI's.
After looking the sources files I decided to create tests for these
I had modified the tests on the following tests:  and
I'm sending these files for analysis.
The testDetachedFileURI of the CreateSignatureTest test case passes with the
following modification on the

On the method engineResolve, the uriNew is instantiated by this way:

         URI uriNew = null;
         if(BaseURI != null && !BaseURI.equals("")) {
             uriNew = new URI(new URI(BaseURI), uri.getNodeValue());
        } else {
            uriNew = new URI(uri.getNodeValue());

instead of this:

URI uriNew = new URI(new URI(BaseURI), uri.getNodeValue());

I cannot make the other tests to pass. Please, if anyone already done this
kind of detached signatures, send me some example, maybe I'm doing something
Sorry about my english...

Thank you.
André Luiz Cardoso.

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