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From Brent Putman <>
Subject Re: Signature and children - redundant namespace declarations
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2007 00:50:24 GMT

Sean Mullan wrote:
> Yes, that should be fixed. It is not the same problem as the xalan
> workaround which copies all the namespaces to every element in the doc.
> I think the problem is in XMLUtils.createElementInSignatureSpace. It
> really should only set the namespace attribute if it is the Signature
> element.
> Can you file a bug?

Ok, bug filed.  Incidentally, within the XML Security project in
Bugzilla, there does not currently exist any version option for entering
new issues for any Java 1.4.x versions, the highest version listed is
"Java 1.3".

> Incidentally, this problem does not occur if you are using the JSR 105
> API to create signatures which has its own marshalling code.

I'll look at that.  I doubt we can easily switch (in the short term) our
OpenSAML 2 library code to use that new API (we started writing before
it was available), but it is something we may investigate doing in the


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