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From Ulrich Ackermann <>
Subject RE: Encrypt with public key
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2007 21:56:41 GMT
Hi Joseph,

There are a lot of sample classes shipped with the Apache XML Security framework. 

How to perform encryption and decryption is shown the classes Decrypter and Encrypter in the

How to perform signature and verification is shown the classes CreateEnvelopingSignature CreateSignature
and VerifySignature in the package

We have used both BouncyCastle and IAIK as JCE providers and both worked fine for us.


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Gesendet: 06.06.07 08:41:36
An: <>
Betreff: RE: Encrypt with public key

Dear Ulrich

Thanks for your response and the advice. I am using Bouncy Castle as my
security provider. Is there some code that I can use as an example for what
I need? The public key is stored in a public key object in a database, so
there is no difficutly retrieving it. 

Thanks and Regards

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From: Ulrich Ackermann [] 
Sent: 05 June 2007 22:50
Subject: Re: Encrypt with public key

Hi Joseph,

Sure is this possible. That's what Apache XML Security is all about, isn't
it? :)

But I would first sign the message and encrypt it afterwards. That gives a
hacker less information because all signature related information is in the
encrypted part of the receipt.

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Gesendet: 05.06.07 07:59:24
An: <>
Betreff: Encrypt with public key


I am writing an XML exchange program in which I would like a
mechanism if acknowledgements using encrypted XML receipts.

The receipt is an XML file simply stating that a message has
been received. It is sent by the receiver to the sender. I would like to
encrypt the message with the public key of the sender, and then signing the
message with the private key of the receiver. 

Is it possible to encrypt the message using the public key
with the Apache Encryption library?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Kind regards


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SMS schreiben mit WEB.DE FreeMail - einfach, schnell und
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