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From "Hess Yvan" <>
Subject RE: Problems with creating a detached Signature with Java
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2007 13:50:25 GMT
Hi Jochen,

In my case, I sign XML documents having also external reference (non XML document). 
What you have to do is to add an URI refererence to your external document to your XMLSignature
element using something like that

sig.addDocument(uri, null, Constants.ALGO_ID_DIGEST_SHA1);

And then you have to provide a URI relover extending ResourceResolverSpi that will resolve
your URI


Hope it help you.

Regards. Yvan

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From: Jochen Zink [] 
Sent: mercredi, 21. mars 2007 11:19
Subject: Problems with creating a detached Signature with Java


I'm using the security Library for java and i'm not able to create a detached signature of
an non-xml file. Has anyone a basic example? With study the examples, which shipped out with
the distribution, I was able to sign enveloped and enveloping. But I can't find a way to sign
a binary file with a detached signature. Thanks for any Help!!!

Beste Grüße/Best regards
Jochen Zink

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