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From "Travis Reid" <>
Subject Error allocating memory
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2007 08:14:39 GMT
I am currently using the xml-security-c 1.3.1 library to check a
signature I created using the java xml security library. I have built
the library without xalan-support.

I have references ( relative URI's) in a manifest object of the
signature. I am expecting to write my own resolver to resolve these
references for the signature to be valid.

When I run the 'checksig -x sig.xml' tool included with the library, I
would expect to get an error stating it couldn't resolve the
reference. Instead I get

An error occured during signature verification
   Message: Error allocating memory

If I run 'checksig -s sig.xml' the signature is valid.

Any ideas what is causing this error?

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