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From Dominik Schadow <>
Subject Basic hash value question
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 20:37:07 GMT

I've a basic question about the calculated hash values with Apache XML Security 1.3 (Java).
Say I get the following result for a signature calculation (I took it out of one of the samples):

ds:Reference URI="">
<ds:DigestMethod Algorithm=""></ds:DigestMethod>

As far as I understand, the DigestValue is the base64 representation of the calculated binary
hash value. How can I compare this calculated SHA1 hash value with the one calculated with
a different tool where the hash value looks something like 8011 FAB5 3D6D 20D0 E8B5 3F72 00F1
7D81 E8F1 F050?


Regards Dominik
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