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From Dominik Schadow <>
Subject RE: Basic hash value question
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2006 20:44:25 GMT
Hello again,

Thanks for the answer before. I discovered an online tool doing exactly what I wanted:

After playing around a little bit I discovered a difference in the hash values calculated
by the Apache XML Security API and CrypTool for example. When I sign <test>Test</test>
with XML sec (as String input), the SHA-1 hash value is oZMIFC8bdyDbF4e42QF2ugr+30M= (in hex
0AE2 5D13 5076 7541 5DD5 D90B 652C D0E6 F8FA 3188). In CrypTool (as editor input, not as XML
file) the SHA-1 hash value is A193 0814 2F1B 7720 DB17 87B8 D901 76BA 0AFE DF43.

How is that difference explainable? There is nothing to canonicalize (no spaces, nothing),
no transformations are applied. So the input text is exactly the same both times. Ergo the
hash values should be exactly the same both times?!

Where is my mistake, what am I not understanding correctly? What do I have to do to make both
hash values comparable?

Thanks again! Dominik

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> Betreff: RE: Basic hash value question

> > As far as I understand, the DigestValue is the base64 
> > representation of the calculated binary hash value. How can I 
> > compare this calculated SHA1 hash value with the one 
> > calculated with a different tool where the hash value looks 
> > something like 8011 FAB5 3D6D 20D0 E8B5 3F72 00F1 7D81 E8F1 F050?
> If you have a hex encoded version of a hash, you have to convert that back
> to binary form and then you can base64 encode that to compare it.
> -- Scott

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