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From "Davanum Srinivas" <>
Subject Re: Please let us know what you think about these potential incompatible API changes
Date Tue, 12 Sep 2006 17:22:53 GMT

Yes, i think it affects WSS4J. Ruchith may confirm that. But, yes,
it's a good idea to make backward compatible changes. We do need to
highlight the API changes in release notes either way whether we
change signatures or we throw UnsupportedOperationException.


On 9/11/06, Sean Mullan <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Raul and I have discussed this a bit offline, but we decided to take the
> discussion to the list to hear from others about the effect of some
> potentially incompatible changes that were made to the TransformSpi class.
> In 1.4, a new abstract protected
> enginePerformTransform(XMLSignatureInput, Transform) method was added to
> the TransformSpi class and the existing
> enginePerformTransform(XMLSignatureInput) method was
> removed. The new method was designed to replace the old method and was
> done to improve performance, which is all very good.
> Unfortunately, it means that existing TransformSpi implementations when
> compiled against 1.4 will not compile until the new method is
> implemented. This is not a problem for the built-in implementations with
> XMLSec (since they have been adjusted) but it is a problem for any
> TransformSpi implementations developed by users out there. In any case,
> this particular compilation failure is not such a big deal since you
> will want to implement the better method anyway.
> The more serious problem (IMO) is that you will get a runtime error
> (NoSuchMethodError) if the current TransformSpi implementations are run
> with 1.4 without updating and recompiling to support the new method
> (because the new methods don't exist). So this means you cannot
> seamlessly upgrade existing TransformSpi implementations to 1.4 without
> reimplementing the new methods.
> A similar type of API change was made to the KeyResolverSpi class.
> Do you think this level of API compatibility is important to preserve
> from one release to another? I think it is in most cases. I believe
> there are several transform implementations out there (at least one or
> two in WSS4J) so it would be useful to hear from those folks and anyone
> else who has implemented their own transform (or keyresolver)
> implementations. If so, I would recommend the following:
> - we try to avoid removing any public/protected (abstract or not)
> methods unless there is a really good reason (security hole or something
> like that)
> - we avoid adding new public/protected abstract methods. Instead add a
> concrete method that either throws UnsupportedOperationException or has
> a reasonable default implementation. In either case the subclass can
> override it with a more efficient/appropriate implementation.
> Comments? Does anyone know what other Apache projects do?
> Thanks,
> Sean

Davanum Srinivas : (Oxygen for Web Service Developers)

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