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From "Ed Sweet" <>
Subject Re: Keystore exception when signing document.
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2006 19:52:52 GMT
Hi Arshad,

First, I'm sorry I spelt your name wrong in my previous email, and thanks
for the reply. I hope these answers are ok, please get back to me if not.

Can you post the lines from your file that reflect
> what providers are configured, Ed?

I have an unmodified file, so these are what have been
installed by default with version 1.5.0_06-112 of the OSX Java

> Additionally, can you post your Base64-encoded digital certificate too?

I'm not that familar with encodings, can you clarify if you mean a PEM
format? I can verify that the certificate is valid though as I can use it
with 'openssl s_client -connect -cert ....' to connect to an SSL server.

Thirdly, can you verify that the private key corresponding to the
> certificate you
> are trying to use, is in the JKS keystore that you're trying to
> access?

Yes, I can verify the private key is in the JKS keystore.

 Finally, any reason why you would want to use JDK 1.3
> instead of the more current 1.5.x?

I'm using JDK 1.5.0, but v1.3.0 of the xml-security libraries, is this where
you got 1.3 from?

My main question here is what procedure should I be using to create the
keystore from keys/certificates supplied by a thrid-party? I can use the
test keystore supplied with the xml-security library with my code no
problem, it's just when I try and use a keystore I've created myself I get
this exception. What procedure do you use?

Thanks for your help,


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