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From "Raul Benito" <>
Subject xmlsec-1.4beta2 released
Date Wed, 16 Aug 2006 20:20:04 GMT
I have just tagged compiled & upload a new jar of the
xmlsec-1.4.Beta2. The download url:

This release contains new functionality, bugfixes & optimizations
(some really important).
>From now on, only bugfixes.
Please donwload and test it. Overall people that use xpath & xpath2
transformations, and the ones that have reported bugs.



New in v1.4beta2
       Optimization in c14n in node-sets.
	Optimization for the xml:* inheritance in inclusive  c14n.
	Added ECDSA signature thanks Markus Lindner
	Optimization in RetrievelMethod handling. Don't reparse the bytes
into a DOM tree if not needed thanks David Garcia.
	Fixed bug 40215: Base64 is not working in EBCDIC platform. Thanks to for fix.
	Big optimizations in XPath2 transformation.
	Fixed bug 40245 in XPATH2 transformation(only in development version)
	Fixed bug no resolver for X509Data with just a X509Certificate.	
	Optimization in Base64 to do simple transformation from String to  byte[]



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