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From "Raul Benito" <>
Subject Java XML Sec 1.4 release planning.
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2006 11:41:38 GMT
Hi Everyone,

I have commited near all changes that I want to be in for the next release
of Java XML Security.
So I'm thinking of creating several beta jar in order to increase our
population of testers...

My plan is having two beta and three release candidates, separated by one
week each.

Jun16 Fri-  1.4Beta0              (Near feature complete: I want to include
some xpath optimizations not very big)
Jun23 Fri - 1.4Beta1              (Feature complete, only fixes)
Jul2 Sun  - 1.4RC0                (From now on only bug fixes).
Jul7 Fri    - 1.4RC1
Jul14 Fri  - 1.4RC2
Jul21 Fri  - 1.4RC3-> Jul28 Fri final.

1)is it Ok this plan?
[ ]+1
[ ]  0
[ ] -1
2) I will generate a plain jar, and post the URL to the list, so people can
get it. and test with their application
Do you think it is ok?
[ ] +1
[ ]   0
[ ]  -1 (give suggestions,please...)

3)Do you miss any feature or bug fix left?
[ ] Yes (state which)
[ ] No

Please test it thoroughly. There are several changes that speed up the
things that I don't know if it can lead to problems in multithread
I have done my tests but I don't want that bugs like happens again.




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