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From "Najeeb Andrabi" <>
Subject RE: Invalid PKCS #5 padding
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 17:29:34 GMT

 Thanks Raul! XML security library version is 1.2.1. Regarding JCE, we
are using the one shipped with JDK 1.5.x. The exception text is : Invalid
PKCS#5 padding

 I would also like to point out that if I take the same
encrypted XML document and pass it to the decryption processor no
exception is thrown. That makes me believe that the padding is correct. 

Najeeb Andrabi

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On Behalf Of Raul Benito
Sent: Saturday, May 27, 2006 2:24 AM
Subject: Re: Invalid PKCS #5 padding

1000 Encs/second good load!

I have not hear nothing similar. In order to help we need the xml-sec
version, the JCE you are using (I think you are using the SUN one, but
can be different), and the text of the exception.

Right now I think about to causes that can explain your symptoms:
  1.- A race condition in some object either in the JCE or in xml-sec.
  2.- A hardware problem caused by too much heat, either by a faulty
RAM(really likely) or by the CPU(more unlikely).



On 5/27/06, Najeeb Andrabi <> wrote:
>  Hi All,
>         Invalid PKCS #5 padding exception is thrown if we use XML
> security
> APIs for encryption/decryption under heavy load conditions (1000 XML
> messages
> per second). XML Security processor is running on a dual processor
> Windows XP
> machine using jdk1.5. Also, this exception is thrown only few times if
> we keep the
> system running for more than 12 hours.
>         I was wondering if this is known issue or someone has observed
> this behavior.
> I will appreciate any response.
> Thanks,
> Najeeb Andrabi


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