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Subject Re: Build issues on RedHat enterprise 4
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 07:58:04 GMT

Thanks a lot Berin!

Next question, a bit related to my build problems.

I have no clue if this is good suggestion, or if it has some unexpected
side effects or so.

Have you considered stepping the Xalan version to 1.10.0?

As far as I have investigated, 1.10.0 compiles ok on RedHat Enterprise 4.
But I have no idea how well it works on other OSes.


             Berin Lautenbach                                              
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             2006-03-15 20:36                                           cc 
             Please respond to         Re: Build issues on RedHat          
             security-dev@xml.         enterprise 4                        

> My first question:
> Is it a correct behaviour to expect the source distro to be present in
> Shouldn't it be enough with the installed stuff ( in my case the dir
> /work/xalan/1.9.0
> where I have the dirs bin, include, lib.)

It is the expected behaviour - but I'd agree it's not correct.  I will
look at it (probably on the weekend).  Really configure should be able
to work out whether it is pointed at a source distro or an install.

> My second question:
> running configure --prefix=/work/xml-security/1.2.1. Then compiling
> will only result in installing the dir named include. It seems like lib
> bin are missing here.
> Shouldn't at least lib also be installed in /work/xml-security/1.2.1?

That is not even expected  behaviour.  Let me look at this one a bit

> Best regards,
> Peter

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