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From "Scott Cantor" <>
Subject RE: [C++] Full XKMS Message Set Implemented
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 21:39:06 GMT
> Yup - already working on it.  I tend to do most of my work on Linux and
> VC 6.0 and then when it's all looking OK build up the other
> compilers/platforms.  Otherwise I waste a lot of cycles doing point
> fixes to projects.

I understand, just wanted to check. I think the only actual error I got was
a missing const on a strstr call.

Most of the 64-bit warnings are probably from Xerces, but if you have
anything you can fix there, it would also be appreciated. I'm getting more
demand for 64-bit builds lately.

> Most interested to hear thoughts.  I have been wanting for a while to
> head back to DSIGSignature and rework that into more of a factory
> approach than currently exists but I think you mean more than that?

That's part of it, particularly making sure things are as stateless as
possible. Right now, I have this extra XSECProvider thing I'm lugging around
as a (nearly) global variable just to create and release signatures, but it
doesn't seem to add any actual value.

I've also been looking ahead to the encryption stuff, and I'm not sure I
understand the implications of the XSECEnv yet. I'm generally sensitive to
lugging around other objects I need to manage because of the hairiness of
DOM management in Xerces-C.

Anyway, I don't have much to suggest yet, and it wouldn't be on this

-- Scott

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