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From Wei Lu <>
Subject Re: Stream based approaches, progress and call for advice
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2006 22:22:30 GMT

JFYI (there are some streaming implemenation in the academia field , they
are not using stax, but may provide idea for you)

A streaming validation model for soap digital signature

 A Stream-based Implementation of XML Encryption

 Improving WS-Security Performance with a Template-Based Approach

On Thu, 9 Feb 2006, Chris Black wrote:

> Hello all,
> I've been trying to get a stream-based implementation of just the core
> parts of the xml signature spec I need for my applications. I recently
> researched a bunch of alternatives to dom/jdom which is what we used to
> use and was causing performance problems, I ended up going with stax.
> Anyway, I have been working on a hacked up proof of concept using stax
> and only implementing enveloped dsa signatures including keyinfo and
> making some progress. Right now I am not using standard canonicalization
> because I was unable to find an easy way to do this in stax w/o writing
> it myself (which I may do in the future).
> I saw in the mailing list archives back in November that Raul Benito
> mentioned perhaps working on a stax implementation. That path has my
> vote :)  One of the problems I ran into when trying to reference just
> parts of the existing apache xml signature implementation was that many
> of the classes don't have a way to use their functionality without using
> DOM, so I end up writing my own quick implementations of all the parts I
> need. This may of course just be due to my unfamiliarity with the code.
> I was wondering if there are any thoughts on how a stax implementation
> would fit into the package structure of the existing codebase and if
> there had been any further work on stax implementations by anyone. And
> also if anyone has tips on efficient canonicalization using
> streams/transforms in some way.
> Chris

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