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From Chris Black <>
Subject Integer encoding patch submitted to jakarta commons-codec
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 17:38:42 GMT
Just wanted to let the list know I have taken portions of the 
utils/base64, cleaned it up, added jUnit tests and submitted it as a 
patch to the Apache Jakarta Commons Codec bugzilla. The reason for this 
is that other crypto-related software may need this functionality and I 
know in some of my stax test code, this was the only functionality from 
xml-security I was using and I am already using the apache commons-codec 
Base64 encoder for encoding binary CDATA chunks. The integer encoding is 
also the only reason that I can see that xml-security has its own base64 
encoder implementation, and the commons-codec project focuses on this 
sort of thing and has lots of unit tests, etc. The url for the bugzilla 
page is:


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