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From "Jesse Pelton" <>
Subject RE: Xmlsec vs. ApacheSecurity project
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 13:13:05 GMT
I can't really answer any of your questions, but having used both
libraries, I have some additional points to offer.

First, Aleksey's project is, well, Aleksey's.  He's incredibly
competent, responsive, and helpful, and he's happy to have patches.
That said, he was (last I checked) the only committer on the project,
which means you have to accept the risk that he'll stop maintaining it,
whether becuase of unforeseen circumstances or lack of time or interest.
Apache's project is Apache's, so there's a process for adding
maintainers if there's need and interest.

Second, Aleksey's code relies on one or more of Daniel Veillard's XML
libraries (depending on how you use it).  I was already using Xerces-C
intensively, so using Aleksey's library meant adding not one but three
new libraries to my project (xmlsec, libxml2, and libxslt).  This means
additional maintenance, more code to be linked in (and worry about bugs
in), and more APIs to deal with.  In the end, despite being perfectly
happy with xmlsec, I moved to the Apache library in the interest of

If I were starting from scratch, I'd weigh the pros and cons of libxml2
and Xerces-C as well as the security libraries built on them, then
choose one collection of libraries or the other.  I suspect I'd end up
with the Apache code, but perhaps not.

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> From: Amiler Scumba [] 
> Sent: Monday, February 13, 2006 5:46 PM
> To:
> Subject: Xmlsec vs. ApacheSecurity project
> Hi,
> We are in process of choosing an open source security library.
> What are the main differences between Apache Security Project (C++ 
> implementation) and XmlSec in terms of:
> - number of users and projects(I know, that xmlsec is used by 
> OpenOffice) 
> right?
> - suport for different standards (looking at this mailing 
> list I have found 
> out, that Apache has some problems with the XPath transform...)
> - performance (I have found some benchmarks on 
> - size of the development team
> Thanks for the answers,
>    Amiler
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