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From Berin Lautenbach <>
Subject The time has come the Walrus said....
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 08:52:00 GMT
Hi all,

Dims has mentioned something that I have looked at once or twice in the 
past and never really got off the ground.  Which is making xml-security 
a TLP (Top Level Project).

This would mean we would exist outside of the XML project as a project 
that reports direct to the board.  It's good because it raises our 
profile significantly.  As an example, we become a link off the main web 
page and we get our own mailing lists ( or 
somesuch).  We also get our own website etc. if we so desire.

I'd like to do it - I think it would help us to refocus and get things 
moving again.  I know I've been off in la-la land with work, and I've 
been thinking a lot lately I'd like to get back into ASF stuff, but be 
more focussed on what I'm doing.  This would give us a chance to focus 
on xml-security and JuiCE etc.

As an aside - I'd also be *very* interested in thinking about how to 
raise the profile of XML sig and encryption in general.  So I'm kind of 
interested in ideas to get it "out there".  As an example, for the XKMS 
interop tests, I built a C++ server on Linux to handle XKMS queries and 
go back to a MySQL database for key information.  Now it's very rough - 
it was only designed to work for interop and you would *not* want to run 
it in anger in a production environment, but it might be the core we can 
use to build a proper XKMS service.  If we do that, it would be great to 
build some tools around the library and server to give us something that 
people can actually use directly.

TLP project status might also help us in the profile stakes.

Anyway, as always, open to thoughts and suggestions!


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