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From Tech Rams <>
Subject RE: base64 elements linebreak
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 22:21:20 GMT
I am not sure if you are implying that normalization removes line breaks. AFAIK, normalization
just 'joins' adjacent text nodes - not dealing with new lines in any way. (I am referring
to the doc.normalize() call. Please let me know if you are talking about something else.)

Scott Cantor <> wrote:
  > It also means you have to pre-scan the base64 text to work out what you 
> are going to do - which is just plain ugly.

Yeah. The bottom line is that anything that can't consume something with or
without breaks is non-compliant, so clearly OpenSSL is borderline because
the flag is not attractive to use, and anything that breaks because Apache
code *is* producing them is also broken.

This all gets more complex if you're including schema validation, because of
data normalization, but Xerces-C 2.7 has finally dealt with that I believe.
In 2.6, they created a double-whammy by breaking the signature if you
normalized, but breaking the base64 decoding if you didn't. That was fun.

-- Scott


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